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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Herding sheep

Friday, December 16, 2011

Saturday eve

Well I will start this morning. I got up and had much to do around the hogan here in Tsaile, AZ and much I did. But straight to the wool of the fleece? Much cleaning this morning to prepare for my project of learning to wash, clean, and organize my wool and alpaca fleeces. It is exciting to work with such wonderful fiber and the end produce will be well worth the effort. However I got to start my routine of my cultivation of hatha yoga this evening and feel very comfortable with myself, physical and mental. So on Sunday I will start working on this project again. I had a little help from a school mate and was glad that I am heading in the eight direction with this works. I will have to end here and get some rest, oh here are some photos of the washing and dry. There are plenty of web sites that guide in the cleaning process so no need for details. Good night.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Good Winter Break to all the Students, I am starting my first week of my break learning how to prepare and spin wool, alpaca fleeces into the finest yarn that the creator could make. Thanks to my little cousin brother Nikyle for the fleeces of churro wool and alpaca. So pretty much have to get my fleece clean of plant fiber then, the supplies to wash and condition. I will take photos and keep everyone updated. The main idea I have of learning such a process is to understand more of what my grandmother have to deal with her handmade rugs and care for her sheep and goats. This is what I grew around but never thought of working with this way of life. So I will be prepared to help her in the future and be able to understand the responsible of have livestock as a livelihood. Will keep ya all updated.